Custom Camo Tent/Blind

$179.00 $199.00

Transform your Scout365 into an overnight tent, birdwatching/duck hunters blind.  The Scout Camouflage Tents are custom made to fit exactly around the boat so you can set up to use on both water and land. Perfect to keep you dry for overnight camping as you can easily remove the seats, deflate the air floor by half, and sleep comforatably on the air floor mattress. Maybe this is the ultimate portable Birdwatching/Duck Hunting Blind ever made? It's ALL IN ONE!

Portable Boat - Portable Tent - Portable Blind

Our tents feature 2 large side doors, front and back windows with mosquito netting, and an additional rear flap to fold up around an outboard motor. You can motor along with the tent set up on the boat. It's pretty cool! 

The tent affixes to the side D rings and fits snug around the bow offering you a wind proof tent and most importantly, keeping you nice and dry.

NOTE: Camo Tent is custom made only for the 365.  

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