Front Bench Console Motor Mount


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Custom designed and made with durable Starboard.  Three pieces make up the front console and motor mount system designed to attach an electric motor off to the starboard side.

The console table allows you to attach any number of YakAttack rails and gadgets not limited to fishing pole holders, fish finders, drink holder.  You name it, you can attach it to the console table.

Our unique design allows you to quickly connect and disconnect the console table with 2 large nylon knobs making it super quick and easy to transport and connect to the bench seat.

The same applies to the motor mount bracket.

When fishing in any conditions, the ability to have an electric motor up front lets you control the boat and keep you right on the spot where you want to be.  

This is the ultimate accessory if you are keen on Bass Fishing and Fly Fishing.

Let the larger motor get you to the fishing spot quickly then deploy the Bixby Jet for quiet and efficient trolling.  Check out our video on our Video Gallery Page or directly on youtube at

Note: Track systems and items shown are not included in the price.  Price is for bench seat, console table, motor mount and necessary hardware to attach components to the bench seat.  Look for all our YakAttack accessories on pages 3 and 4.  



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