Bass Swivel Folding Seat


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Comfy Bass Fishing swivel folding seat with quick release plate. Makes it easy to setup and take off your aluminum bench seat.  Enjoy cruising around or fishing in total comfort with these padded seats.  The rear back rest folds forward out of the way and you can sit on that as well for an elevated sitting position.

The quick release plate is mounted on to your existing aluminum bench seat. Some prefer to mount it slightly off center so you can easily swivel around to manage your outboard. When you are done, just push down the tab and the swivel seat disconnects making it easy to transport and stow away.

Included in the package:  

  • Padded folding seat
  • Seat swivel
  • Quick disconnect base

How To Install: 

1. Screw the swivel plate to the underside of the seat. (hardware provided)

2. Position the quick disconnect plate to your aluminum bench, mark and drill the holes, affix using the supplied hardware.

3. Slide the swivel/seat into the quick connect bracket and you are all set to go.

4. Push down the tab to release.


Adding a set of seat rails with these seats makes for the perfect setup. Total support and allows you to attach extra rod holders and flag/lights. Click Here




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