Electric Pump Kit 12v


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This pump is an affordable way to help pump up your SCOUT PRODUCTS.  It will do 80% of the job quickly and easily for the SCOUT365 boats, then you must finish off with the supplied foot pump provided to get the maximum
and required pressure for both the pontoons and the air floor.

These are high volume pumps but do not handle the back pressure for the paddle boards or AIR PADS once you
reach a certain point. For these items – you then switch to the Bravo high pressure hand pump for maximum and required pressure.

You can also use the air pumps to reverse the air flow and help suck the air out of your SCOUT products making it easier
to fold up the items.

Our kit includes the air pump and also a set of alligator clips designed to clip onto any 12volt battery.  We recommend
you purchase a small rechargeable 12v battery directly from a mass merchant store such as Walmart.  By combining our kit
with a small battery, you can pump up your boats anywhere and not be tied to a vehicle or boat. We have used a battery
for over 20 boats and still had juice left to pump more.

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