SCOUT365 BOATS Fly Caster

Scout Inflatables adds world’s first stabilizer bar to their Scout365 inflatable boat for stand-up fishing and casting. 

Claiming a “world’s first” significant improvement for small boat fishing, Scout Inflatables introduces the Fly Caster stabilizer bar upgrade to their existing SCOUT365 inflatable boat. Scout engineered the bar to provide excellent stability while standing up for fishing in lakes, rivers and oceans.

The new bar can be retrofitted onto existing SCOUT365 boats and is specially engineered for inflatables. The bar is easy to assemble with quick release pins and folds forward out of the way when not in use. Built-in adjustments let you set to the preferred height then tension straps lock the bar into position making the boat and bar as one unit. It is rock solid!

The new stabilizer bar is unique because making a stable and durable bar is much harder to do on inflatables. You can easily screw stabilizer bars onto boats made of plastic, fiberglass and aluminum, but inflatable boats are a significant challenge!, Once again the Scout team has risen to the task.

All hardware is attached, no nuts and bolts to lose overboard, using marine grade stainless steel components. The bar also includes a removable padded cover making cleanup quick and easy. Fish bait hands can get a bit stinky.

Accomplished fishing guide Neil Hirtzel recently put the Fly Caster through its paces for the company. “After fishing on larger trailer boats and on land for many years, my initial impressions were skeptical. However once on the water, even in a good ocean chop, I was able to fly cast in a 360 degree position leaning up against the stabilizer bar,” Hirtzel reported. “I was already familiar with how stable the SCOUT365 boats were but with the stabilizer bar installed, it just blew me away with the freedom it gave me to cast in all directions. And being able to lean my weight against the bar—it was designed perfectly. The folks at Scout Inflatables know their stuff,” he said.

This bar means you can really lean on something while you’re fighting a fish. Sportsmen know what we are referring to; it’s just tough to work a fish while you’re sitting down. With this bar, you can plant your feet, lean into the bar and really control things.”

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