SCOUT iSUPS Specifications

SCOUT iSUP Technology

Heavy Duty, 5 Layer Technology 15 to 23psi air pressure / stiffness due to quality materials and manufacturing process Removable main center fin with zero tools needed Premium EVA non slip texture deck pad, carry handles, and deck bungee tie downs BRAVO iSUP AIR pump



The SCOUT iSUP construction features Drop Stitch Material, which is a durable PVC. On the inside, thousands of nylon threads connect the deck with the bottom of the board to keep it in a functional and performing shape. Utilizing the best drop-stitch material available on the market, this newly developed technology provides a perfect ratio of durability, weight and price.





Our SCOUT iSUP materials have been tested up to 44 psi inflation and this allows us the confidence in knowing average use at 15 to 22 psi inflation pressure is perfectly safe and normal without any problems. Higher pressure means a stiffer board that holds their shape at all times and thus preventing shape deformation and ultimately delivering a better performance in all conditions. When you inflate our boards to 20 psi, if you bang your knuckles onto the board, it feels almost like a fiberglass surface. They are that hard!


Board           9’6”     10’6”

Length          9’6”     10’6”

Width            32”      32”

Thickness     6”        6”


All SCOUT iSUPs include the following:

Convenient Carry Bag

3 –piece aluminum paddle

Bravo Hand Pump


Repair Kit

2 year warranty

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