Deflating and Packing Away

Before deflation, make sure your SCOUT product is clean and dry. Remove the protective valve cap, push in the spring pin and turn any direction so it locks to the IN position. Let the air escape, and roll up your product.

Deflating the Scout365 Boats:

Remove the seats, oars and motor.

Deflate the air floor. (Remove if you need to)

Deflate both side pontoon tubes.

Once side tubes are deflated, pull both sides together so they meet in the middle. Work from the stern of the boat. Fold the 2 stern ends together across the transom, and then roll boat up working your way towards the front.

Pack the boat inside the carrying bag.


Allow your boat to dry thoroughly in the shade before storing, never in glaring sunlight.

For longer term storage, store your boat in a rodent free zone.  Preferably in a cool, flat and dry place with some air in the air chambers if at all possible. If not, empty the boat of air completely and roll the boat up loosely, and store in the canvas carry bag provided. Remember, if you are storing long term - make sure your items are in the zipped up/closed carry bag in rodent free areas. For some reason rats love the smell of pvc rubber type products. 

For a quick guide, refer to this video.



Instructions for Scout365 Boats:

For detailed instructions please click here to our youtube video courtesy of Sean and Kristy at Long Long Honeymoon.
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