Southern Cal. Lobster Fishing with Josh

Southern Cal. Lobster Fishing with Josh

October 11, 2018


Up until now I have been using my SCOUT365 for inshore fishing but was able to take it hoop netting for lobsters this past weekend.  It was awesome and exceeded my expectations!  I have used a kayak before but the SCOUT365 was such a better experience than the kayak.  

My buddy picked me up and we threw the SCOUT bag into his truck.  Once we arrived at the harbor, we had the boat set up in about ten minutes.  Super easy to do.  Unlike using  the kayak, I was able to bring someone along for the journey with this two seater boat.   My friend and I each grabbed an oar and it was an easy row, plenty of space and comfortable seating on the inflated sides of the boat.  I am six foot four and we had no issues with leg room.  With my kayak experience a  week earlier, it was hard to keep my balance as I pulled up the hoop net.  It almost tipped and it was wobbly.  With two 150 lb. plus guys on the SCOUT365, it was solid and it never even lifted out of the water as we reeled in the nets.  We both were able to stand up at the same time and it did not tilt and it stayed level. 

Putting the boat away was a cinch, it literally took about a minute to deflate and put in the bag.  The bag works like an envelope where you place it in the middle and then fold up the sides and clip it closed.  I highly recommend this boat.  I have an electric 55 thrust motor and a battery charger all ready to go and am just waiting for registration from the DMV.  Once I get it, I can’t wait to get it out on the water again.

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