YakAttack Gen II Gear Track 4"

  • YakAttack Gen II Gear Track 4"
  • YakAttack Gen II Gear Track 4"

Perfect for the 2 ends on the Front Console Table. Clip in your transducer arm or any other YakAttack component you want to use.

Add a whole new level of versatility to your kayak, canoe, power boat, ATV, ORV, tractor, or other vehicle with the GT175 Generation II GearTrac™ from YakAttack! This heavy duty surface mount track provides a platform that's not only adjustable, but fully configurable, enabling unparalleled versatility for accessory mounting! Includes #10 blunt tip stainless steel thread forming screws. The GT175 Generation II GearTrac™ is a true surface mount and doesn't require Inside access for installation. 


  • Designed for harsh marine environments
  • Compatible with 1/2" wide track hardware
  • Topside installation, no backside access required 
  • Hole pattern 1-5/16" Wd X 1-3/4" Lg
  • S. Pat. No. 9,671,060 B1